Am I right?

How many are madly in love with your spouse? How do you speak of them when your not with them? Honestly I’ve made it a habit of speaking lovingly about her (Michelle Morgan-Trowbridge). I recently overheard a conversation about why two gentlemen were not married. I giggled. One said to me it’s what we have to tolerate. I simply said, my wife takes good care of me; I have no reason to complain. Secondly how do you let others speak of your spouse. I don’t tolerate anyone speaking badly about mine. If that’s a problem too bad. I would want that same respect from her. Keep this in mind when having a bad marriage day.

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Bulletin for 11/06/2016

Here is a copy of this Sunday’s bulletin.


Your Clock

Remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday evening.  Alternatively, you could wait until 2 AM and then set the clock back one hour, which is the way it supposed to work.  I prefer not to do it that way.

Wesley’s Advice

WesleySaid01Please, remember to vote on Tuesday.

God’s bond not ours

I’m asking a favor, what you do is up to you. We all need to do things conducive to our marriages. Flowers, gifts and expressions of our love. Realize you’re meant to be together. It’s God’s bond not ours. Love you guys. Hope you all see this.

He’s your love bond

Marriage hint, was struggling with what to share, but here goes. There’s nothing in life that should break your bond of love. People are people, we each make mistakes. Just remember love develops, grows and becomes more powerful. Love when your young isn’t the same as love when you grow together. Your bond should grow greater as you get older.

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God bless!