Election Time Approaches

We would do well to consider the words of John Wesley as we prepare to vote

Although those words were spoken more than 240 years ago, they apply as much today as they when they were first uttered.

Bless a family

We are seeking nominations of three families for the Bless A Family event for Thanksgiving. The family’s name needs to be turned into the church office by next Sunday Oct 23. Patti Hall will stop in the church office mid week to get with (Jim or holly?) and prepare the food sign up sheet for Sunday Oct 30. Notify me with those names please ASAP my contact info is in the bulletin.

Marriage hint

Marriage hint: do away with expectations. You want a maid then get a good job and hire one. Remember your spouse isn’t a convenience and doesn’t work for you. They are someone you should love beyond measure. If they’re a good cook and cleaner celebrate that. If not pitch in and make it a team effort, but do it because you love each other.

God bless and carry on,

Marriage hint

I have a friend who starts his board meetings by asking are there words that add value. For this week’s marriage hint. I want to ask how have you added value to your spouse or your marriage? Have you told your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. What a blessing it is to hear it, right? Don’t live with the idea that they already know it, be sure to tell them. Let them know how great it is to have them as a part of your life and as your spouse!